Is Pre-season Training Harming Your Child?

The new school year is upon us and winter pre-season training is ramping up. This time of year, Bathurst Physiotherapy is busy with younger clients suffering overuse injuries which can be quite painful and distressing for your young athlete. Many parents bringing their children in for treatment fretting their child may have done permanent damage, or be suffering debilitating injuries.

To understand what is happening we need to unpack training and children a bit more.

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Choose physio for neck-related (cervicogenic) headache

There is an increasing body of evidence supporting the techniques offered by physios for the treatment of #cervicogenic headache—particularly manual therapy and exercise. A comprehensive management program including education, manual and exercise therapy, work practice advice as well as self-management strategies are vital to help patients look after their neck. #choosephysio for neck-related headache.

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