Choose physio for neck-related (cervicogenic) headache

There is an increasing body of evidence supporting the techniques offered by physios for the treatment of #cervicogenic headache—particularly manual therapy and exercise. A comprehensive management program including education, manual and exercise therapy, work practice advice as well as self-management strategies are vital to help patients look after their neck. #choosephysio for neck-related headache.


APA physiotherapist Gwen Jull provides a few answers to Cerviogenic headaches and how physiotherapy can assist in the treatment on this type of headache. Read an excerpt of the artcile below posted by the Australian Physiotherapy Association;

"There are many causes of recurrent headache that can persist for many years. Three common types are tension-type headache, migraine, and headaches secondary to a disorder in one of the top three or four joints in the neck. These neck-related headaches are commonly called ‘cervicogenic’ headache. Cervicogenic headache is usually felt on one side of the head. It is always the same side and, unlike migraine, neck headaches do not swap sides. Cervicogenic headache is of mild-to-moderate intensity and is always accompanied by neck pain. Most typically, the pain begins in the neck and then spreads to a headache."

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Words and Images by Australian Physiotherapy Association, 2017.


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