isabelle ward

B. Physio


Isabelle’s love for travel inadvertently sparked her passion to become a physiotherapist.  On a family trip to Cambodia, Isabelle visited a Paediatric hospital run by specialists from across the world. Inspired by this trip, Isabelle volunteered In Peru and Vietnam working with children with movement difficulties from developmental delay, childhood disease and orthopaedic conditions. This inspired Isabelle to embark upon her physiotherapy career.

Isabelle graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. As a student, Isabelle gained invaluable experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries in the ACT and Geelong as well as paediatrics at Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne, amongst other acute care settings.

Isabelle is a lover of sports, and plays netball, participates in triathlons, and loves Pilates and going to the gym. Her lifestyle, coupled with her training, means Isabelle has a deep understanding of bio-mechanics and movement. Because of this, Isabelle is able to assist anyone; from elite athletes to everyday heroes and helps them get back to the physical activity that they love. Her down to earth approach makes it easy for you to understand your injury, and how you and Isabelle can both work together to make a fast, effective recovery.  She believes if you move well, you perform well and feel good.

Isabelle also teaches our ever-growing Pilates classes, designed to improve control, strength and flexibility. She believes in the benefits of restoring and creating good movement patterns and strives to get this message across to all those who join her classes. Having completed all levels of the APPI Mat Pilates course, Isabelle encourages all participants to be progressively challenged as they move from novice towards advanced Pilates practice. 

Isabelle loves to work with children of all ages, and their families, to support their growth and development.  For a paediatric physiotherapy session to be successful it needs to be play based, engaging and supportive whilst working on specific goals. Isabelle’s fun loving nature will allow just that.